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Timeless Hairstyles for Men

When it comes to hairstyles for men anything, absolutely anything, can do, but there are styles that stay long for years or even decades, why? Because they are timeless - from the shaggy looks of Jon Snow to the neat cuts of Romeo – undoubtedly, they have made an impact. Not just in increasing points of attractiveness to women but in creating a mindset in men that they should look good always.

The Prim and Proper

This style came from the 1920’s, straight hair - whether fine, medium or thick - will look great with the prim and proper style. With this cut, the sides are kept short, fading until the nape while the top has at least one and a half inch length. Hair is kept in place with gel. Tom Hardy rocks this hairstyle, producing a neat but masculine image.

The Hipster

David Beckham and Justin Bieber have swept women off their feet with the hipster cut. Whether young or old, with straight or wavy hair, surely, any man can have this look. How to do the look? Ask the barber to leave three inches on top for the pomp, then have the sides trimmed to short or medium length. Apply gel or pomade and leave the top hair in a spike.

The Actor’s Swag

Hairstyle for men like the actor’s swag requires more hair. It best suits wavy or curly hair from medium to thick texture. This style won’t work with fine or straight hair. The hair at the sides must be kept at medium length, while the top must be a short with about an inch in length. Hold the curly locks in place with gel. The result should be a relaxed but still neat fit for the office and a night out ready.

The Sleek Long Hair

Brad Pitt looks good even without visiting the barber regularly. If you want this look, just let the hair grow, and visit the barber after 8-10 weeks. Continue with this routine until the hair is long enough like Brad’s. This cut looks good on straight or wavy hair with medium to thick volume.

The Go with the Flow Do

This looks good on straight hair of any volume. Ask the barber to cut the hair in the classic square cut, but longer on the sides and front. While the hair is wet, apply mousse and comb the hair in a backwards motion.

The Secret Agent

This is the clean and sophisticated hair cut for straight-haired men. The shaken not stirred hair cut exudes class and confidence like James Bond, but it must be kept polished all the time.

The Smart Caesar

Look intelligent like Caesar with this hairstyle. Let the barber cut the wavy or straight hair evenly on all sides, keeping it in short length. This short crop looks great on Gerard Butler, with the masculine and strategic aura.

The Caveman

The universal hairstyle for men. This cut looks great on all men as long as they have long hair and scruffy beard grown in full. Anyone can rock this look. Whatever hair texture it is, let the barber do the classic square cut, and it is done.

More and more men have obsessed with how they style their hair but haven’t found the perfect cut. Maybe one of these timeless haircuts is the perfect one.

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