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The importance of using a deep conditioning hair mask or treatment

It really is amazing how many people, and I’m referring to women in particular who don’t use a deep conditioning hair mask on a regular basis or even at all. Some just feel it is not necessary for their hair and consider it a waste of money.

How wrong they are.

Deep conditioning hair treatments differ from conditioners because of the way they are formulated. In fact hair conditioners and deep conditioning treatments are made for completely different reasons. While a hair conditioner is made to smooth and seal your hair cuticles after your hair has been washed for easier combing and detangling, a deep conditioning treatment is made with the purpose of repairing or moisturising your hair.

The size of the particles of the ingredients in these two hair products effect their ability to penetrate the hair shaft or not. Conditioners, designed to smooth and seal have larger particles than deep conditioners. The particles are designed to work on the outside of the hair strand and don’t need to be small enough to penetrate the shaft. That is why hair conditioners are left on the hair for a few minutes before rinsing off. They just help your cuticles lie flat so that tangling is minimised and friction is reduced while the hair is combed or brushed.

Deep conditioning hair treatments on the other hand have finer particles that are designed to work on the inside of a hair strand. Either by replacing lost moisture and or protein. These are more effective to use when your hair needs a moisture boost, or is damaged and needs to be repaired. Some deep conditioning hair treatments require heat to help open up the cuticles to allow them to enter and work. Others have particles so tiny that heat is not required. Either way both should be applied to freshly washed hair that has been towel dried for better penetration. There is no point in applying a deep conditioner to hair that is dripping or soaking wet for two reasons.

Firstly the hair is already saturated with water and therefore cannot absorb any more product. The second reason is that the excess water in your hair will only serve to dilute the deep conditioner making it less effective than it should be.

If you aren’t already using a deep conditioning treatment then seriously consider investing in one. They don’t need to be used as often or regularly as hair conditioners . Depending on the condition of your hair you may not need to use it often. It should be used at least once a month, while a regular hair conditioner should be used every time you wash your hair, provided you haven’t used a deep conditioner first of course.

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