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There are a whole bunch of reasons why ladies all over the world choose to wear makeup. The most common is probably to enhance their natural beauty and make themselves more physically appealing to either themselves or others. Wearing make up does not have to be used to transform your natural looks completely, instead it can be used to accentuate your assets and draw attention to areas of your face that you’d like to highlight. Lets take a closer look at the reasons people like to wear makeup.

  1. As a confidence booster

A lot of people who wear makeup say that wearing makeup makes them feel more confident. This can be light makeup worn while carrying out their daily activities, or a lot of makeup. The amount of makeup required to make one feel confident is an individual choice.

  1. To make themselves appear older or more mature

Okay this might be a strange reason to some, considering the lengths people go to to make themselves look younger. This is probably a reason that applies to teenagers who would like to pass themselves off as being more mature than their real age. As they get older I bet the reasons they choose to wear makeup will change.

  1. To make themselves look younger

This is the complete opposite reason to the one stated above. As people age, they tend to use make up to mask the signs of ageing. Using makeup to cover wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes etc is pretty much a well known fact.

  1. To even out their complexion

This reason to wear makeup is pretty universal, regardless of the person’s age. A teenager who has spots may wear makeup for this reason, while a more mature lady my use makeup to hide blemishes on the their skin.

Why women wear makeup

  1. To make themselves look and feel glamorous

Makeup is an excellent accessory when it comes to making yourself look glamorous for a special occasion or night out. It can help you create different effects, to suit the occasion you’ll be attending.

  1. To enhance one’s natural beauty

Makeup can be applied in a natural manner that makes the wearer appear like they are not wearing any makeup at all. The idea when wearing make up like this is to end up with an even natural glow.

  1. For the fun of it

Some people like to wear makeup just for fun. People like this probably have large collections of lipsticks, eye shadows, blushers etc. It is just a means of having fun for these people and they are not afraid to experiment on a very regular basis.

The reason why anybody wears makeup is a completely individual choice and differs from person to person.

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