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relaxer damages hair
relaxer damages hair

Relaxing your hair damages the hair. One does not have to be trichologist to know that hair relaxers are very strong relaxers that can even burn your skin when left on too long. Unfortunately many women with relaxed hair have experienced this especially before no lye relaxers were. In fact it was because of this issue no lye relaxers were created.

Even if you have managed to never get burned, you may have noticed how dry your hair has become. Worst still you may have had a lot of hair breakage, making your ends thin and uneven. Both burning and breakage are caused by the active ingredient in the relaxer damaging your cuticles. The damage is caused when your cuticles are lifted, exposing the cortex – which is the inner part of your hair that is covered and protected by your cuticles. When your cuticles are raised your hair becomes weaker and loses moisture at a higher rate that if they were flat and left untouched.

While we may all agree that harsh chemicals like relaxers can be brutal on our hair, not many of us realise that direct heat application can have the same effect. Using heated styling tools like blow dryers and hair straighteners can also cause your cuticle to lift. So if you have stopped relaxing your hair to avoid hair relaxer damage, but continue to straighten or blow dry your hair, it will end up in the same state as it was when you decided to quit relaxing it.

The best way to avoid cuticle damage is not to dye, relax or use heat on your hair. I think most women would agree with me when I say that is probably too much to ask or expect of anyone. While a lot of women are happy to try out new hair styles that don’t require heat to be applied to the hair, even they may want to wear their hair straight at some point!

Sage advice would be to completely avoid using heat, however if you do use heated appliances try to cut down on the regularity with which you use them. When you do use them ensure your hair has been freshly washed and deep conditioned. An excellent deep conditioning treatment to use when you are going to either get a blow dry or straighten your hair is Silicon mix conditioner. It is a Dominican hair product for damaged hair and is particularly good before heat application because it has ceramides and protein in it. Ceramides are like the natural sebum your scalp and skin produce. The reason we naturally produce sebum is to keep our hair moisturised and conditioned. Ceramides when used in hair products bind the cuticles to the cortex, protecting your hair from dryness and heat damage. The keratin protein in the conditioner seals and repairs any damage along the cuticle and strengthens the hair.

Whatever you do, do NOT skip a heat protection spray, serum or lotion. Leave in conditioners are also great heat protectants. Using some form of heat protection is crucial if you really want to avoid causing irreparable damage. Remember once your cuticles are lifted there is no way to return them to their original state. Hair products like the deep conditioning treatment mentioned earlier can help you manage the issue so that your hair doesn’t break off and remains strong and as healthy as you can have it, but they cannot reverse the damage that was caused by your hair relaxer or blow dryer.

How to repair damaged hair with Silicon Mix Conditioner

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